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Lincoln Center Out of Doors. 

TMP had quite an experience in NYC at the Lincoln Center Out Of Doors Festival. We had an added element of rain and it turned out to be a wild evening. Here are stories about the evening from Trey and some of the dancers. Enjoy.

Trey- I was so proud of the company. Not just because everyone is so exceptional and has the ability to pull something off like that, but because as a group we chose to do it. That could have so easily been a day to feel defeated and mad or scared. Instead everyone saw an opportunity in front of them and in the most loving, creative way, embraced life and the possibility in front of us. If there was a dry corner of the stage someone found it and danced there. We had baggies ready for dancers to step offstage into. One of my favorite moments was seeing Brett carry Chanel piggy-back for a cross-over because there were only 2 baggies left on that side. I kept a packing blanket over my shoulder and tried to anticipate fast exits so I could throw it down over puddles, or at least lend an arm for an exit. One of the variables was anticipating which wing a dancer might exit from. There was so much adaptation going on, it was hard to know. I really appreciated the audience not only staying, but growing as the evening went on. There was a reciprocal energy about doing this together that was wonderful to experience. I got to meet Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue and again got to see some of the creators of the television show Free to Be You and Me. They were so moved by the performance and are great TMP fans. Four of our board members Jodi, Dollie, Mark, and my mom Frankie, made the trip and braved the rains to support us. It was a great Lincoln Center debut that even if the audience didn’t see the work in it’s most ideal condition, they saw the spirit and heard the voice of Trey McIntyre Project loud and clear. 

John Michael- One of the things I most like and respect about TMP is how we come together to make a decision, set a course and then come though in such a magnificent way. Not one of the 1,500 people in the rainy audience would have begrudged us if we had decided the show could not have gone on, but in true TMP fashion, we collectively said “yes, we can do this”. Slips, slides and whoas ensued, but it was one of the most breathtaking performances we have ever given. Thank you TMP for your artistry, integrity and professionalism.

Chanel- At first, I was pretty bummed that it was raining on the evening of our show at Lincoln Center Out of Doors. So many of my NYC friends and family were planning to be there and it would have saddened me so much if we would’ve had to cancel.However, at 7:50 pm (20 minutes after the show was supposed to start) I took a little peek out into the audience and saw that there were hundreds of people sitting out there in the rain, under umbrellas, eagerly waiting for out performance to begin. And what warmed my heart the most was seeing my Dad, in his bright pink polo shirt, standing in the center aisle, with NO umbrella, waiting to watch me dance. I will never forget that, and I love him for it.

Lauren- One thing that I will always remember about our trip to New York was the day we spent filming a movie with Preservation Hall Jazz Band.  We filmed a shot where all the dancers had to pretend that we were playing an instrument.  I got the sax.  Charlie a musical legend, who is nearly 80 years old, the absolute sweetest and the main character in the film came up to me, looked at the sax and said, “now Baby this is a good horn.”  He put a tie around my neck and then fastened it to the sax to make sure it was secure.  He then positioned my fingers properly on the horn, so it looked like I knew what I was doing.  After the shot he said, “I like how you play that, Baby!”  This was an experience I will remember for a lifetime.  

Annali- New York was great. I loved taking class at the Juilliard studios and having the opportunity to see where some of my fellow TMPers graduated. Performing again with Preservation Hall Jazz Band was enlivening and a wonderful treat, as always. The added element of rain considering we were performing at Lincoln Center “Out of Doors” actually added a refreshing element of playfulness to the performance—once we figured out how to cope with it, of course. I loved that someone thought to give us ziplock bags for our feet so that we could move around backstage amongst the puddles. I am also extremely grateful to the audience who withstood the rain to watch us. That was a performance I will remember. 

Jason- I remember talking about the possibility of canceling, then looking out at the audience and the sea of umbrellas. We figured the audience was determined to see us; we didn’t want to let them down. Preservation Hall started off the set with a sing along rendition of ‘You are my Sunshine’ and all of Lincoln Center understood that this would be a unique experience. Dancers definitely slipped and fell, but that only made the audience pull for us more. Not a lot of applause from people holding umbrellas, but plenty of whooping and hollering.

Brett- Lincoln Center was quite the show. I was so happy that people stuck through it all. The rain came down and our die hard fans put those umbrellas up and watched the show. It was very special to me, because I had a bunch of Juilliard friends that were at the show and I haven’t seen some of them in 3 years. It was a really nice moment. I’m so appreciative that they stayed. The backstage area was really wet and we were putting baggies on our feet to keep our shoes dry. Chanel and I had to make a cross over to get to the other side of the stage and she didn’t have any baggies. I told her to get on my back and I would carry her to the other side. I gave Chanel a piggie back ride and we turned the corner and there was Trey laughing at us. We have to what we have to do. We flew all the way to New York and we were not going to cancel that show. It was an amazing moment for TMP and I am proud to be a part of this company. Also, Preservation Hall is amazing and I love having them for our shows. They make the evening ten times more special. 

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